Aug 2021


The terms and conditions set out below outline the agreement between the purchaser (licence owner) and SOPER COPENBRAGEN based in Indonesia. By purchasing, downloading, installing, using or handling our fonts (digital typeface software, you accept compliance with our terms. Should you not accept these terms, you will be prohibited from using SOPER COPENBRAGEN’s fonts.

By purchasing the licence, you become a licenced user and not the owner of the fonts. You are not purchasing the copyright to the design or any other elements of the fonts, but only the rights to use them under specific conditions (outlined below), according to the licencing options you have contracted.

You are not entitled to copy the fonts or to enable third-party users to copy them either.

You may not sell, lease, lend, sub-licence, assign or transfer any rights, duties or obligations to a client or any other third-party user.

You are not entitled to modify the fonts in any way without written permission from SOPER COPENBRAGEN. However, we can provide custom versions on demand. Please contact us if you need any further information at SOPERCOPENBRAGEN@GMAIL.COM

You are not entitled to use trials for commercial purpose, self-promotion or any type of publication, either on printed or digital media.

The use of trial fonts is limited for testing, and pitching purpose, unless you purchase "Supporter License". The use of "Supporter License" font is unlimited (commercial or personal).

If you happen to experience technical issues, please contact us at HEY@SOPERCOPENBRAGEN.COM. We will do our best to solve the issue as quickly as possible. Digital Material is – after downloading – not returnable or refundable.

You are required to destroy any copies of the fonts after termination of a licence.

SOPER COPENBRAGEN cannot be held accountable for any damage caused to a purchaser’s hardware, software or any loss of time or income that may have occurred as a result of downloading, installing or using SOPER COPENBRAGEN’s fonts. All fonts are downloaded, installed and used entirely at the purchaser’s own risk.

Purchase of an SOPER COPENBRAGEN fonts or products grants you either a desktop licence or a web licence, or both. These options are described below. Please contact us for any other type of licencing.

If you want to use the font for print, you have to purchase a desktop/print licence.

If you are looking to use the font in an app, epubs, broadcasting, you have to purchase a specific license.

If you are interested to buy font as your corporate use and want to customise a specific letters, please contact us before/after buying corporate license.

Desktop/Print License

Purchasing a desktop licence enables you to use the font on a limited number of computers, as well as for any type of printed project and raster image for print or online purposes. The fonts may be embedded in PDF files and as rasterised files (PNG, GIF, JPG). For any other format, the purchaser must first ensure that the fonts cannot be extracted from the document.

When embedded in production files, a copy of the fonts may be shared with printing companies. The printing company must delete the fonts after production.

SOPER COPENBRAGEN Desktop/Print fonts are provided in OTF format and can only be used offline (except for rasterised images).

The fonts may only be installed and used by the maximum number of users specified on the licence purchased. SOPER COPENBRAGEN offers different licencing options depending on the number of users. Please refer to the invoice received after purchase.

A desktop/print licence does not entitle the purchaser to generate web-fonts from desktop/print fonts. If you want to use the font online, you have to purchase a web licence. If you are looking to use the font in an app, please contact us.

A desktop/print licence only needs to be purchased once.

Web License

Purchasing a web licence grants you the right to use the font for one or several domains (please refer to the invoice received after purchase for the number of domains specified).

SOPER COPENBRAGEN offers a single of web licensing options and not depending on the number of monthly visitors on your website. You are not required to update on an annual basis (because we use simple font licensing). All of our fonts include Desktop & Web format. So, its lifetime buying options.

SOPER COPENBRAGEN web fonts are provided in WOFF format and can only be self-hosted on the licencee’s servers. The domains may only be modified with the written permission of SOPER COPENBRAGEN.

The purchaser can exclusively use @font-face CSS technology to display text on a website.

A web licence does not entitle the purchaser to generate desktop/print fonts.

App/Epubs License

The App License for designers and developers building mobile applications for smart phones and wish to use one of our typefaces. The License also permits the use in Epubs. The software is .TTF or .OTF, other formats can be requested after you place your license order.

An app licence enables the font to loaded into an app (either desktop application, iOS, Android or similar platform).

Broadcasting (TV, Cinema or Stream) License

A broadcasting licence enables the font to be utilised in media on TV and cinema (please note that online broadcasting platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo are included in the desktop license).

The licence is measured on the continents that the media will be broadcast to.

Corporate License

In certain situations, it makes more sense to purchase a Corporate Licence rather than a standard Multiple-User Licence. The Corporate License allows unlimited usage of fonts in Print, Web and Mobile applications. It's an ideal License for companies looking for unrestricted, unlimited and hassle-free solution.

Supporter License

To reduce a fraud and piracy, the license existed as substitute of Free Trial license.

Purchasing a supporter licence enables you to use the font on a limited number of computers, as well as for any type of printed project and raster image for print or online purposes.

The Supporter License allows Limited usage (Personal) of fonts in Print, Web and Mobile applications.

It's an ideal License for individuals and/or companies and student looking for unrestricted, unlimited and hassle-free solution.

Test License

When you request and request to test the font, you automatically fall under our trial license. This license only available at Checkout process.

We are no longer display Test/Trial License as a button in our webpage. This license allows for the testing of our font software in varying mediums, but must be upgraded when the work is outside of a testing remit — therefore meaning when the software is not being evaluated further but used and applied to a project.

All Trial version is have limited characters with some missing features.


When you use download/purchase options, its mean you are in our newsletter list. But don't worry, you can unsubscribe by yourself through the "small" link in after download confirmation email.

Our newsletter campaign only for special events, i.e, New Font Release, Updates and Promotion email every month. We are promise to not spam you every week.


If you have a questions about the license, upgrade the license, inquiry, support. Don't hesitate to email us to SOPERCOPENBRAGEN@GMAIL.COM

Aug 2021


Here is the complete list of questions we get the most and their respective answer. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, feel free to email us to HEY@SOPERCOPENBRAGEN.COM

Are you offered a free trial?
Most of our fonts are fully free to try for personal use. For all commercial use including designs for clients, presentations and logos, you will need to purchase a commercial license.

How many license do I need to purchase?
You need one license for every computer you want to install it on or for every website or app you want to use it on.

Who should buy the license, The Client or The Designer?
Anyone using the fonts needs a license. If only the designer has access to them, then they are the only ones who are required to purchase a license. If the client also needs to use them on their side, then both must own a license.

How can we use your fonts in logo?
Converting the type to outlines is the best way to do it. This way, you guarantee the way the logo will look when used by others. Also, it is the only way for others to use the logo without owning a license for the fonts used in its design.

Can we customise your fonts?
If you convert it to outlines, you can edit the contours as much as you like. However, you cannot customize the font file itself or use the contours you’ve created to generate a new version of the font file. When in doubt, read the end user license agreement.

What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Payment is processed through Gumroad. We do not keep any payment information in our databases.

How can we share fonts with outside contractors?
Freelancers, design studios, advertising agencies and other suppliers are all independent entities and therefore all require a license to use the font files.

What is the font file format you deliver?
Most of our fonts are all OpenType fonts (OTF) and come with all the web versions (sold separately). For specific format (i.e. TTF), please contact us.

Do you offer a Custom Typeface service?
Yes we do. If you want us to work with you on a custom type solution for yourself, your company or your client, contact us with an overview of your project along with an idea of your timetable and your budget. Keep in mind that type design is a long process and please plan accordingly.

Check the all services we do in Custom Rate here.

What is Early Stage Purchase Option?
Early Stage font basically is Work in Progress fonts that need more fund to support the production process to designer with a specific Phase and Plan. You can see the breakdown in each WIP font detail page.

Purchasing Early Stage font means that in certain situations, the designer need to know how to "Test the Water" before release the complete family.

The Early Stage allows unlimited usage in Print, Web and Mobile application.

It makes more sense to purchase a Early Stage font rather than waiting for the complete font family release. In simple, when you purchase the Early Stage font, you support the designer and booked the slot for the upcoming family release.

After the designer release and publish the complete family, we are no longer charge you for additional cost since we have your order ID. We are stricted with the Timeline since we are working side by side with the designer to follow and manage the release time.

All complete font family you have already purchased in Early Stage, will deliver to you with our specific Code to re-download it.

What is Supporter Purchase Option?
Supporter is a program and initiative we designed to reduce a piracy and fraud in font industry. We are aware that our free trial fonts are share with unlimited numbers of use but Free Trial is restricted use only for Personal Use and limited style.

Purchasing Supporter License means that we have limited slots/goals/stocks/orders to purchase and the fonts you buy or request to download will deliver immediately to your valid purchase email but only on limited style, weight or feature.


If you have a questions about the license, upgrade the license, inquiry, support. Don't hesitate to email us to SOPERCOPENBRAGEN@GMAIL.COM